please check these questions on proposition.:

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :
1. My father always gets up________________ 5 a.m. and has his breakfast at the proper time.
2. She is leaving India________________the end of the month.
3. The militants gave a tough fight but gave up ________________ the end. 
4. We'll see new film_______________Friday.
5. We have holidays________________ December.
6. This class starts________________ 13th March.
7. It is the spring season________________ March.
8. Most of the villagers go to sleep________________ 8 p.m.
9.________________ the time you reach the cinema hall, I'll have bought the tickets.
10. The patient has been suffering Monday. 


Dear Student,
1. at
2. at
3. at
4. on
5. in
6. on
7. in
8. at/before
9. by
10. since

Wonderful answering. Keep it up.
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