please explain placentation more clearly through animation

Placentation is the arrangements of ovules within the ovary. Based on the arrangement pattern it is named as Marginal, Axile, Parietal, Free central and Basal.

  • Marginal:  The placenta forms a ridge along the ventral suture of the ovary and the ovules are borne on this ridge forming two rows, as in pea.
  • Axial:  The ovules are attached to it in a multilocular ovary as in China rose, tomato and lemon.
  • Parietal: The ovules develop on the inner wall of the ovary or on peripheral part. Ovary is one-chambered but it becomes two- chambered due to the formation of the false septum, e.g., mustard and Argemone.
  •  Free Central: The ovules are borne on central axis and septa are absent, as in Dianthus and Primrose
  • Basal: The placenta develops at the base of ovary and a single ovule is attached to it, as in sunflower, marigold.


For the animation please access our Meritnation study material.

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arrangement of ovules within ovary is called placentation.

for d viseos n 4 further details about it, refer to d following link.!!/txdfB8Y0MkeiTgGQQl8MZg!!

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