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Rhizobium is a bacteria that is present freely in the soil and in the root region of both leguminous and non-leguminous plant. These bacteria helps in nitrogen fixation. Hence, they are called nitrogen fixing bacteria.Rhizobium lives in symbiotic association with plants and fixes the atmospheric nitrogen in leguminous plants. It converts the atmospheric nitrogen into absorbable forms such as nitrate and nitrite so that plants can take them up from the soil. Hence, they contribute a lot in regulation of nitrogen cycle in our environment.
Rhizobium Symbiosis with Woody Plants: Leguminous Nitrogen-Fixing ...

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Rhizobium is a bacteria found in the roots of leguminous plants which traps the nitrogen for the use of plants
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Rhizobium bacteria help such plant that, they didn't absorb Nitrogen from soil the plant is leguminous plant. This bacteria help these plants to absorb Nitrogen from soil easily.

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