Please explain the following paragraph:

"Who's that inside?" the lion wanted to know. The he-goat who had taken shelter in the temple replied, "Does it matter who I am? I am a poor animal who has already eaten nine lions. I have vowed to eat one more. Tell me, are you male or female?"The lion fled the place in fear it seems.

Like the he-goat, I said, "What does it matter to either of us who she is? I'm already married and you aren't the marrying kind."

The narrator recounts the story of a goat and lion to trap Ranga with his words. He says as Ranga is not interested in marrying, it would make no sense in finding out who the girl was. As is is, the narrator himself was married and he too was not interested in knowing more about the girl. The narrator was just trying to arouse Ranga's interest more by not divulging information about teh girl he had just seen. In fact, it was his plan o get them married!

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