please explain the phylum aschehelminthes and and its general features

Phylum Aschelminthes

Another name for Aschelminthes is nematoda or ‘roundworms’. 

General features of Aschelminthes

  • They are parasitic animals which cause diseases such as elephantiasis (filarial worms) and usually live in the intestine.
  • A nematode has a cylindrical body with tapering ends.
  • Nematodes have an organ system level of organization, but less real organs are formed due to the absence of a true coelom.
  • They are bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic.
  • A false body cavity or pseudocoelom is present.
  • Examples of nematodes:Ascaris, Wuchereria (filarial worm), Ancylostoma (hookworm)

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