please explain this 'Some elements that are structural components like calcium are not remobilised.'

The elements which form structural parts of plants such as calcium can not be re mobilized as they are bound or fixed in the form of complexes to form a particular structure like middle lamella of cell wall. They are not present in free form. The elements which control or regulate process (closing and opening of stomata) like potassium can be mobilized as they are present in free forms as ions. 

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consider a plant ... it has many minerals .. like which  helps in photosenthesis or helps in opening n closing of stomata  or give structural support to plant etc...  if a plant part is dieing(senescense) the minerals frm tht region is transported to the growing region..but as Ca , Mg ,C,H etc r elements which  gives support.. it cannot be transported as it has to support d plant at tht part...

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