Please give character sketches of all charcters in the chapter RANGA'S MARRIAGE.

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Shyama: Shyama is the narrator of the story and a resident of a village called Hosahalli. He is extremely proud of his village and boasts about even the smallest things to an exaggerated level. He is xenophobic and therefore anything that is foreign to his village (such as western culture and the English language) is something to avoid. He favours the traditional thinking and lacks the ability to differentiate right from wrong. This is seen from the fact that he approves child marriage and believes strongly in arranged marriage. Even though he knew that Ranga was against arranged marriage, he manipulates Ranga into marrying Ratna by telling him lies and making Ranga believe that he and Ratna are destined to be together. He displays false humility several times in the story. For example, he thinks himself great for having brought Ranga and Ratna together but when they name their child after him, he pretends to be modest saying that 'Shyama' is such a bad name. 

Ranga: The son of the village accountant, Ranga is a boy who went to Bangalore to study. He is against child marriage and strongly believes that a man should marry a woman he loves. He is traditional and never talks against Shyama. He also displays this respect for elders by greeting Shyama and touching his feet. He falls in love with Ratna, merely by listening to her sing. Even though he has finished his education, he is still naive, as he readily believes what the astrologer has to say about his future. 

Ratna: She is Rama Rao's niece. She is eleven years old and quite a good singer. In the story, we don't read a lot about her, and don't even learn whether she wants to get married to Ranga or not. But by the end of the story, she is married to Ranga. She is shy by nature and runs inside her house as soon as Ranga comes to visit. 


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Shyama, the narrator of the story is a humorous person. He sometime rambles away white narration, digressing from the main focus. but he is a person who is extremely proud of his native village and its geography, flora and fauna.
Whilr narrating about Ranga, it is evident that he liked the boy's goodness after his city education. he was a very traditional in his out looks and he was highly impressed when the boy greeted him touching his feet. on the other hand he was angry with another boy who talked rudely when asked everyone to disperse.
Rnag's good character made Shyama decide that he would not allow the boy to go and settle else where, in spite of his ultramodern views about marriage. Then he begins to hatch a plot in order to get Ranga married and settle in the village. Very cunningly he crafts an opportunity to make Ranga to meet Ratna. Thereafter, he conspires with the astrologer and gets Ranga think about marriage and Ratna. In the end He very cleverly gets the two married and settle down in the village.
Syama is a benevolent man who wants everybody's wellness. Even his cunning plots endear him to the reader.
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