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Two coins are tossed simultaneously 200 times and we get two heads: 58 times, one head: 83 times: 0 head: 59 times.
When two coins are tossed at random, what is the probability of getting (i) 2 heads, (ii) 1 head, (iii) 0 head?

Total number of trials = 200
Number of times 2 heads are obtained = 58
Number of times one head is obtained  = 83
Number of times no head is obtained = 59

(i) Probability of getting 2 heads =  Number of times 2 heads have been obtainedTotal number of trials  = 58200=29100

(ii) Probability of getting 1 head = Number of times 1 head has been obtainedTotal number of trials  = 83200

(iii) Probability of getting 0 head =  Number of times head has not been obtainedTotal number of trials  = 59200


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