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Please help in all these questions not more than 60 words. Also give • suitable title ror your preee. W rir • problems is discipline and it is really very cornplex. Y ou uriety f«ls must shaF his mind according to certain religious, social, moral and necessary all? Please list cn 'Jefully, Don immediately say YES NO Most or us especially white we no discipline. we should bc allowed to whatever we like and we thinx is But to on hß Very little Of discipline is diwtplining himself the whole time. isnt he? His joy in playing games the very necessity go smoking Cal the right rood the rules Of and is to outcome or his enjoymau Of of forests in India. so. the produeu received these forests aJso several. following some Of the 02. There importM1t in the growth development of industries. Md the industries ba*d on them: "_uCts Tilldrr from the forest are utilised in building Etivitiø, industries and in workshops. In Andaman mill has been in operation. 00 Rubber Rubtxr trcß are grown in lu•ge On the Ghaß. As a there a large number ofindustries *pendent on rubber in the Peninsular India, (iii) Wood pulp Wood pulp is madc from the wood Of the is manufactured from the pulp. mills are large in number in Stres or-rami! Nadu. Maharashtra West Bengal md Mulhya Pr"sh. In the city Of Nepa in Mafhya Pradesh. there is a newsprint (W) d Wax : Lac and Wax are Ku•est products are used in manufacturing paints. a number Of industries make use Of forest products. (v) And the growth of the cottage industries the förests have been responsible in instance. Q3.prevcntion is better than cure. It is recognised that the only Way to get rid Of maln completely is 0 get rid Of the Which cause it. is always associated With damp and marshy land. This is not because the land is damp. but because the static water is the breeding place Of mosquitcrs which begin their life a larva in the water. Malaria not frequently occur in dry desert countries because mosquitoes can not breed there. only way to destroy mosquitcxs is to prevent their breeding in static water. This can be done by draining all ponds and And by keeping them covered in the breeding Se&on with a film Ofkeroscne Oil Which by depriving the larva Of air, kills them. is Of the utm€ht importance in student life. If the young students do not obey their surrriors go without discipline, they Will be deprive do much of the training they should have at this period and in future they will never able to extract obedience from other sin society. Society will never æcept them as rrrsons fit for commanding and taking up any respomsible positions in life. so it is the bounder. Duty of all the students to observe discipline in the preparatory Stage Of their life. A college Without discipline can never impart suitable education to students The rule of discipline in the playground 1-•id the battle field well plays a very important role. A team Without discipline may not fare well in spite of good players for want Of mutual understulding and cooperation In any army everyone from the rank of the general down to the ranks of an ordinary soldier must observe discipline. In a soldier does not obey his immediate superior the army becomes a rabble quite unfit for the achievement Of the common ends Of war. At first sight it may appear to us that discipline takes away individual liberty. But on analysis it is found that it does not do so, for liberty is not license. We find disciplined liberty at the root of kinds of human happiness. world today is divided into smokers and non-smokers. It is true that the smokers cause some nuisance to the non-smokers, but this nuisance is physical while the nuisance that the non-smokers cause the smokers is spiritual. There are of course, a lot of non smokers who don't try to interface with the smokers and wives can be trained even to tolerate their husbands smoking in bed. That is the surest sign of a happy and successful marriage. It is sometimes assumed. However, that the non smokers are morally superior. But have missed one oftheir greatest pleasures of mankind. I am always scared and ill at ease when I enter a house in which there are no ash-trays. The room is apt to be tix) clean and orderly, the cushions are apt to be in their right placed and the people are apt to be correct and understood. And immediately L apt on the best behavior which means the same thing as the most think behaviors. Q6.Te very abundance ofbooks in our days has made it important to know how to choose promptly and judiciously among them, ifone is not to spend as much time in the mere choice as in the persual of the books that are selected. On this subject the first advice I venture to submit is to secure and to read only the best books. There are plenty of them, for more than you will ever find time to read. And when a wide range of excellent work is so readily obtainable, it is surely unfortunate to waste valuable time on any others. You may ask what I mean by the best books. Passing by for the moment those publications which in each ofthe great languages of the we call it classics. I Incan by the best books those from which you receive most, and can carry away most in the form either of knowledge or stimulation. When i you want to leam something about a subject in which you are interested, do not tum to the first volume which you have heard or which professes by its titJc too exhaustively with the subject Consult your teacher or any well-read friend. or the librarian of the nearest "Iblic library. I believe, on the greatest services public libraries render is that they provide librarians who arc both eom1Ntent willing to tbc serious students. "

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