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Please help me the or and if n is or possessivy. Are you sure these gloves are 2. This is not the book which I asked you to buy. 3. I am not sure if this road will take us to his house. 4. Why do you hoard your old clothes? I always donate mine. 5. Please help me move these boxes inside the house. 6. Under threat, a dog can sometimes attack ifs owner. 7. Are those the files that had gone missing? 8. Use your own colours and brushes; please don't touch theirs, 7. They Of aert D. Underline the subordinating clause in the sentences below and identify. the subordinating conjunctioyr which introduces the clause: 1. Children can achieve a lot if they are encouraged properly. 2. Everyone wished her on her birthday even though she hadn't told an She won't tell us who gave her the information. 4. You can come to me whenever you have time. 5. Although she is a bright student, she lacks confidence in herself. 6. Is this the exact spot where you found the knife and the rope? 7. I have not been sleeping well since I moved into the new house. 8. Take the next right turn if the junction ahead is crowded. G.

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Answers from D are:-
  1. Clause: -       they are encouraged properly              Subordinating Conjunction:-   if
  2. Clause: -       she hadn't told anyone                         Subordinating Conjunction:- even though
  3. Clause: -       gave her the information                       Subordinating Conjunction:- who
  4. Clause: -       you have time                                       Subordinating Conjunction:-  whenever
  5. Clause: -       she lacks confidence in herself            Subordinating Conjunction:-  Although
  6. Clause: -       you found the knife and the rope          Subordinating Conjunction:-  where
  7. Clause: -       I moved into a new house                    Subordinating Conjunction:-  since
  8. Clause: -       the junction ahead is crowded              Subordinating Conjunction:-  if

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