Please help me with these questions:-

1. Compare and contrast - jati panchayat and panchayat samiti.

2. In the epic of Mahabharata, Dronacharya was the Guru to young Prince's. He was a Brahman and famously refused to teach a tribal youth Ekalavya because he was from a lower social caste. In such practice also found in mediaeval period? Justify your answer with example.

3. Imagine you are a court poet of a ruler in mediaeval period. Praise about any of your favourite king.

4. During mediaeval period groups of people travelled long distance for opportunity. Justify how mobility was related to opportunity? Validate the above statement in current context.

Dear Student,
The solution to your 1st question has been provided below:
Jati or Caste Panchayat   Panchayat Samiti
1. It is based on the caste system of India and only is for individual villages 1. It is a rural local government body that works at the district level in India
2. It only works for the specific castes and has the jury as the elder members. 2. It works for all and there are officials that are appointed for the offices by the government.

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