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ANSWER (a). The three fundamental stone sorts are volcanic, sedimentary, and transformative. Crystallization, disintegration and sedimentation, and transformation change one stone sort into another or change residue into rock. The stone cycle portrays the changes of one kind of rock to another.

ANSWER (b). Metamorphic rocks or Transformative rocks structure when rocks are exposed to high warmth, high pressing factor, hot mineral-rich liquids or, all the more ordinarily, a mix of these components. Conditions like these are discovered profound inside the Earth or where structural plates meet. 
Transformative rocks are framed from different rocks that are changed in light of warmth or pressing factor. Earth developments can make rocks be profoundly covered or crushed. Therefore, the stones are warmed and put under extraordinary tension . They don't dissolve, yet the minerals they contain are changed synthetically, shaping transformative rocks.


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(i) This picture depicts the rock cycle
(ii)metamorphic rock are formed of igneous and sedimentary rocks
Because of the great heat and the pressure they change into metamorphic rocks
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