Please show the method fast please

Please show the method fast please 24 c. 71 Samay and Prasha had equi of —y After prashl bought a that cost 79 20 Ed Samay bought a watch cost 493 left 2 tunes as much •s Sae? How much money Od Prasha Eave at

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Here is the solution of your asked query:
Suppose the amount of money Samay and Parshi each had be Rs.xCost of book that Parshi bought=Rs.79.90So amount left with Parshi = x-79.90Also, cost of watch that Samay bought=Rs.493.40So, amount left with Samay=x-493.40Now according to the question we have; amount left with Parshi=2 times as much amount left with Samayx-79.90=2×x-493.40x-79.90=2x-878.80x=878.80-79.90=798.9Therefore each had Rs.798.9  

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