Please solve the circled question

Please solve the circled question *date sit Zen of L immediate bits ing are based the h,' that group ? Ill. are smt.d s frota line. Only right of J. O It of How 77. 79. 00. high e s ' iwiied 14 If '1 • is added fin' digit of odd numbec and is hal•tractee from second digit avery number. 'uaay a digit appeal twicx ? Two One of each of are interchanged. What will if third digit 01 thus formyd is the of low"' thus formed i" each number the digits are in tug:endlng order from to right with'" how many thus formed Will be (1) None (3) One Two Four all in as-conding from to wh:ch following b" sum of tha three digits of number which is from the left ?

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