Please solve the following exercise

Please solve the following exercise Use capital letters and punctuation marks where necessary : a m•auty the indian 'Kean the bay of to the at w you do at the is a holy river it worshipped like a mother kanpur kannmai situated on its banks Hehru sa my dea r coun trymen i sha II ever remain worthy of your i u pea rly daily go to morn ing calls brush my teeth change my clothes and mahatma sandhi born on October 2 1869 at porbandar in kathiawar 7. there was a large old car standingoutsidethehouseofmrsmitha famous lawyer ofmy mr gupta told his tViend can you help me hirea bungalow his friend said yesican you 9: Summer isthemost painful season Of theyearin india itstartsusuallyin 10 diwali is a very important festival of the hindusitiscelebrated in the month of kartikaiv, that ram returned to ayodhyaon this day II. bakelite is made from coal tar it is hard and as smooth as glass it is waterproof and electricity or acids ha ve no effect on it E xercise-3 Jse capital letters and punctuation marks where necessary : l. janaka the king of vidarbha had a great bow he had a beautiful daughternamed said give my daughter sita in marriage to the man Who is able to bend this bow 2 emperor akbar one day ordered birbal bring me a horse of a colour which is neither black nor brown nor white birbal said my lord that is impossible once there was a dispute between the sun and the wind the sun said i am the king oi bring rain to theearth i am mightier than you an indian wedding is unique but the amount spent on it is sometimes too much we simplify onr marriages we must spend less money and waste less time allahabad is situated near the sangam the place where the two rivers the ganga and the ya meet pt jawaharlal nehru was also brought up in allahabad in anand bhawan it is now P historical importance

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1. Kanyakumari, a beauty spot, is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.
2. The teacher said to the pupils, "Open your books at page 5. Will you do so at once?"
3. The Ganga is a holy river. It is worshipped like a mother. Kanpur, Kannauj and dalamas are situated on its banks.
4. Nehru said, "My dear countrymen, I shall ever remain worthy of your affection."
5. I get up early daily, go to morning calls, brush my teeth, change my clothes, and have breakfast.
6. Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, at Porbandar, in Kathiawar. 
7. There was a large old car, standing outside the house of Mr. Smith, a famous lawyer of my town.
8. Mr. Gupta told his friend, "Can you help me hire a bungalow?" His friend said, "Yes, I can arrange for you."
9. Summer is the most painful season of the year, in India. It starts usually in May, and ends in July.
10. Diwali is a very important festival of the Hindus. It is celebrated in the month of Kartika. It is said that Ram returned to Ayodhya on this day.
11. Bakelite is made from coal tar. It is hard and as smooth as glass. It is waterproof fand heat grown electricity or acids have no effect on it.   


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