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Q1. Name the organ / gland which secrete the following enzymes:-

                (a) Ptylin                    (b) Trypsin

Q2. Define translocation.

Q3. What is the meaning of the terms systolic and diastolic movement in heart?

Q4. (a) Blood pressure is high in the arteries and low in the veins. Give possible reason for such difference.

       (b) All living organisms are dependent on light for their nourishment. How and why?

       (c) Plants generally wilt in the afternoon and regain their freshness in the next morning. Why?

Q5. Plants are called green laboratories of the world as they use sunlight to synthesize food which supports all other life on our planet, the process is called photosynthesis. At various places near your school, home and on road side, you might have observed that the leaves of plants are covered with certain deposits like dust and smoke and they do not shine as green as at many other places.

        a) Identify human activities responsible for such deposits on leaves.

        b) How do these deposits affect the functioning of plants?

        c) How can we minimize such deposits?

Dear student,
Q1.The organ/gland which secretes
a)Ptyalin is salivary gland
b)Trypsin is pancreas in pancreatic juice.

Q2.Translocation is the process of the transfer of food and other minerals produced by the plants in the process of photosynthesis from leaves to other parts of the plants like stem and roots which are unable to perform photosynthesis.It is performed by the tissue called as phloem in plants which transfer the food or glucose formed in leaves to other parts of plants.

Q3.The term systolic means the contraction of the chambers of the heart to pump the blood to other chambers of the heart or to other parts of the body.The term diastole means the relaxation of the heart chambers to receive the blood from the other chambers of the heart.
For example, The atrial systole means that the atria are contracted to move the blood to the ventricles of the heart which are in diastole or relaxed state.

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Translocation means transport of minerals and food by phloem to all parts of plant.
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