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Let σx = σLet y = ax+bcNow, y = ax+bc = acx + bcNow, Vary = σy2 = 1ni=1nyi - y2=1ni=1naxi+bc -acx + bc 2=1ni=1naxi + axc2=a2c2×1ni=1nxi - x2=a2c2 × Varx=a2c2×σx2σy2 =a2c2×σx2σy = ac×σxσy = |ac|σ         as, σx = σ 

So, option (b) is correct.


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Option b) ie sigma *(a/b) Rule:If we add or subtract common no to a variable, stad deviation of variable remains unchanged (so effect of adding 'b' is nullified If we multiply/divide some no (say k) with a variable 'x' then std deviation of resultant variable will also be multiplied/divided by same amount k
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