Pls ans ques 3 and 4
Line segments OP, OA and OQ, in the figure above, coincide at the time t = 0 second. At the same instant of time, OP and OQ rotate in the plane about point O in opposite directions while OA remains fixed. With respect to OA, segment OP rotates at a constant rate of 4°per second and segment OQ rotates at a constant rate of 5° per second.

Q3. What is the smallest positive value of t, in seconds, for which segments OP and OQ will coincide?

Q4. When t = 1 hour, how many more revolutions does segment OQ complete than segment OP?
  Pls ans ques 3 and 4

Dear Student,

Angle covered by OP in 1 second=4°Angle covered by OP in t seconds=4t°Angle covered by OQ in 1 second=5°Angle covered by OQ in t seconds=5t°Since OP and OQ moves in opposite direction,4t+5t=360(adding two angles because they are approaching each other, and total angle of circle=360°)9t=360t=3609=40Thus t=40 seconds when they coicide each other.When t=1 hour=60 secondsOP covers=4t=4×60=240°OQ covers=5t=5×60=300°Thus OQ covers 60° more than OP.


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