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  • I am writing this letter to tell you about the increasing pollution and the deadly consequences of it.
  • Technological advances and industrialisation has led to great pollution of nature.
  • Mankind has used natural resources senselessly and this abuse has also led to pollution.
  • Air, water, soil: all have been the victims of pollution.
  • Vehicle emissions, fumes from factories, deforestation and excessive dependence on machines has caused air pollution.
  • Chemicals are thrown into water bodies. Also, chemical fertilisers and pesticides have polluted the soil.
  • Plastic pollution is another common disaster of the day.
  • The delicate balance of nature has been disturbed by man's greed and mismanagement of resources.
  • Prompt and appropriate action needs to be taken to conserve nature and check pollution.
  • Afforestation, judicious use of water and energy, controlled use of vehicles- these are some ways to keep pollution in check.
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Dear dairy
Wednesday 9:30pm
Today I'm very happy to share my experience with you regarding republic day celebration in the school. When I reached the school all the students wishing ' Happy Republic Day'. We all assembled in the ground and the flag was hoisted by the Principal Sir .Special speech went on.Later we had some dances,skirts related to India's independence which were extraordinary. Then we had our lunch. OK then talk you tomorrow.
With love
Akshata (Your Name)
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