Pls answer 8 que 5nd part

Pls answer 8 que 5nd part C 0 -1 o

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In this account, Zitkala-sa describes her first day in Carlisle Indian School. Everything was new to her. She felt embarassed because she did not know the significance of the bells. She was also unaware of the mannerisms in which the students would have thier meals. The other girls were wearing tight fitting clothes, and for her, that was immodest. The younger girls had shingled hair, which, in her community, was worn by cowards, mourners or unskilled warriors. She soon realised that they would cut her hair too. She tried to run away, and hid under her bed for some time, but all was futile. Eventually, she was also caught and made to cut her hair. This was truly horrifying for her. She was subjected to such horrors just because she belonged to a marginalised community. 

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