pls explain the topic - problems with plastics in short 

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The accumulation of non-biodegradable plastic in the environment can be termed as plastic pollution. This pollution can have harmful effects on the land and rivers by affecting wildlife and habitat, but also on human health.
This plastic debris represents a chemical pollution in several ways. They contain compounds that can be chemically transferred to organisms during ingestion. Some of these molecules are potentially toxic and can accumulate in the body. Besides, plastic bags also affect the growth of crops, by hindering the process of photosynthesis in agricultural fields. The most direct effect of plastic pollution is the imprisonment of animals in nets or large debris. It is a cause of significant mortality of marine mammals, turtles and birds. A second direct effect is ingestion, that concerns the entire food chain of the marine ecosystem. Because of the chemical additives used during plastic production, plastics have potentially harmful effects on human health. Indeed, exposure to toxic chemicals coming out of plastic can cause cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity and other health problems.

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