pls. help!

iss shabd ka pad-parichay bataiye:

1. parantu

(a) samuchyabodhak, vyadhikaran, do vakyon ko jodta hai

(b)- avyay, kriya-visheshan, gitivaachak, ' na mila' kriya visheshya

(c)- samuchyabodhak, samanadhikaran, do shabdon ko jodta hai

(d)- samuchyabodhak, samanadhikaran, do vakyon ko jodta hai

 the correct option is (a)

परन्तु  (पद- परिचय)-  व्या धिकरण  समुच्चय बोधक  (अव्यय)  दो  वाक्यों  को  जोड़ता  है।

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yea it is a....conjuction

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A is right
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a is right
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Follow the steps shown below to construct the required part of line segment PQ;
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STEP II: Place the compass point on P and adjust the compass to just over half the line length.
STEP III: Without adjusting the compass width, draw an arc on each side of the line.
STEP IV: Without changing the compass width, repeat for the other end of the line.
STEP V: Draw a straight line between the two arc intersections.
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