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Answer 2 - 

The process being depicted is insect pollination. Also known as entomophily.

The picture shows that the bee brings about pollination when it goes from one flower to another in search of food (nectar)
In the process, pollen from one plant sticks to the body of insect (bee) and gets transferred to the stigma of the second plant.
Insect pollination usually occurs in brightly coloured flowers that produce a lot of nectar.

Eg. - Poppy , Evening primrose etc.

Answer 3- 

The process being depicted is layering.

It is a means of vegetative propagation in which a portion of an above ground stem grows roots on coming in contact with soil, while it is still attached to the parent plant. This then gets detached and grows as an independent plant. 

Simple layering can be done artificially by bending a low growing flexible stem to the ground and covering it with soil. This part then grows roots and develops into an independent plant.

Eg. - In climbing roses, honeysuckle, wax myrtle etc.


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Q 2
Ans- a. insect pollination
Ans- b. Layering
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1 Insect pollination
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2. Layering
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