Pls i dont want any link or any refernce on meritnation website or study material, I just want explanation of each line in poem " Aunt Jennifers Tiger " hand written by expert


In the poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ a woman expresses her suppressed feelings through her art. Aunt Jennifer is the victim of the male dominated society. She has no one to tell her mental and physical pain. She makes a picture to convey her deep feelings. The speaker describes the tigers which her aunt produced on the panel. They are set in motion. They are moving quickly by raising the front legs and jumping forwards on the back legs. In the green jungle they look free, bright, brave, fearless and magnificent. There are men sitting under the tree, but the tigers do not. They move on to their goal boldly and smoothly. Jennifer finds it difficult to make pictures by using the ivory needle. She is tired of doing the household work after she got married. She can’t get herself involved in her artistic work. She has to do it in her leisure time. Even then she has to be sure whether her husband is watching her or not. So her hands are terrified. She will not be free from fear until she dies. She will be dominated by her husband. She will die, but her art will express her desire to move proudly and fearlessly like the tigers she has made.

Main points

  1. In this poem, the poet addresses the constraints of married life, experienced by a woman.
  2. Aunt Jennifer weaves tigers into the panel. These tigers are brave & have no fear of men.
  3. Aunt Jennifer is terrified by her dominating husband. Her finger flutters due to the mental suppression. She is not happy with her married life.
  1. She will die but her art will express her desire to move proudly and fearlessly like the tigers she has made.

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first para says that aunt jennifer hAS created her tigers with ivory needles. Her tigers are jumping across a screen.these dwellers of green forests look like bright yellow shining topaz. They are fearless and dont fear the hunters. they are well groomed and smooth. they look honourable and brave and pace with confidence and certainity.
second para says thataunt jennifers fingers are moving about her wool.but she is finding the ivory needle hard to pull. the heavy weight of uncle's wedding ring still ies heavy on herfinger. her past married life has left only unpleasant and bitter memeories.
third para says that aunt jennifer will not be free from fear after her death. unpleasant memories of her past married life will not leave her after her death. their signs will still be seen on her fingers. but the tigers she has made in the panel will go on jumping ahead unafraid. aunt jennifer will not live in this world but her art and tigers that she made will go on jumping forever. 
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