PLZ ANSWER DONT LINK. Find the ortho centre of the triangle whose vertices are (3,4)(4,0)(0,0)

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x=4y    ...(3)Put the value of x in (1), we get4y=-3(4y)+124y=-12y+1216y=12y=34Put the value of y in (3), we getx=434x=3SO, the coordinates of orthocentre is 3,34

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Triangle ABC, vertices are A(3,4), B(0,0), C(4,0)

O is the Orthocentre of the triangle

By considering the coordinates of B, C, A ,we can conclude that:

Equation of BC is y=0???..(1)

Equation of AD is x=3 ???..(2)

As we know slope of BC(being on the Xaxis) = 0

And for a vertical line AD, however the slope is not defined. It does not have a slope.

We take the slope of AC = (4?0)/(3?4) = 4/-1 = -4

So, the slope of its perpendicular(BE) has to be its negative reciprocal. That is the slope of BE = 1/4

So, equation of BE, which is passing through (0,0) has to be y= mx + b , where m = 1/4, x=0, y=0

=> 0= 1/4*0 + b

=> b=0

So, BE is y= 1/4*x +0

=> y = x/4

Now, by solving


y= x/4 ???..(2)

We get y = 3/4

So, Orthocentre coordinates are (3, 3/4)
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what does that question mark stand for? 

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? is a mistake.Pls don't consider it .Any other doubts??
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nothing else, well i asked few more doubts, would be a ton of help if u could try answering them :). Thanks!
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