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Lord Lytton , then viceroy of India , passed the Arms Act in 1879. Under the Arms Act of 1879 , Indians were not allowed from possessing arms. In the same year , the vernacular press act was passed that to curtail the freedom of the Indian-language press. This was also proposed by Lord Lytton  The act  prevented vernacular press from expressing criticism of British policies. The act also allowed the British government to seize the assets of newspapers such as their printing presses , if anything "objectionable" was printed by the press.
In 1883, IIbert Bill was proposed that allowed  senior Indian magistrates to preside over cases involving British subjects in India .This bill was not passed because it enacted a more moderate measure which bestowed the power of trying Europeans to a Session Judge and a District Magistrate who might be an Indian. White people opposition forced the government to withdraw the bill. This made Indians enraged as it  was an evidence of racial attitudes of British in India.


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