plz explain why the complex [Ti(H2O)6]+3IS COLOURED ? How does the colour change on heating ?

In [Ti(H2O)]3+ complex, d-d transition takes place between t2g and eg of d-subshell. The electron get excited to higher energy level when exposed to high energy. When electron returns to its ground state, it emits energy of particular wavelength, due which element shows colour. The d-d transition can be seen in figure given below.

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the above complex contains Ti3+

so,its oxidised configuration is as...4s0 3d1 instead of 4s2 3d2


so due to presence of 1 unpaired electron,,it is coloured.


on heating ...this electron excited and absorb colours of diffrent wavelenth ...and thus it imparts colour to complex when it radiates..

hope u got  it

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