Plz give me answer of Q5

Plz give me answer of Q5 04. motorcyclist drives A to B with a speed 30 kmih and hack with a speed c' 20 klu'lv I-lind its average speed. QS. Vhe velocity-time graph (Fig. 8.5) shows the motion ofa its •ceclerMion (ii) its velocity and (iii) the disLance covered by the cyclist in I S Q6. Draw a velocity versus time graph ofa stone thrmsn vertically upwards and then coming downwards after attaining the maximum height. (27. An object is dropped from rest at a height of 150 m and simultaneously another object is dropped from rest at a height m. What is the difference in their heights after s if both the objects drop with same accelerations" How does the ditlérenve m heights vary with tinw?

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acceleration is given by slope  of v-t graphslope is zero so a=0ii) velocity is constant that is 20m/seciii) Distance is the area under the graph=20×25=500mREGARDS

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