(plz help me and give the main points for this dialogue)* write an imaginary dialogue between an interviewer and Mourad of the Garoghlanian family. you may include Mouurad's experience of riding the white horse, the honesty and integrity of their tribe and economic featurs of the tribe as suggested in the story.

Interviewer: So, tell us about yourself.

Mourad: Hi, I am Mourad. I am considered to be the craziest among his family members because I am the natural descendant of the crazy streak in the tribe. I, unlike my father Zorab who was a practical man, take after my  ancestor Khosrove who was temperamental to say the least. In our family, a man could be the father of his son's flesh but that did not mean he was the father of his spirit too. the distribution of the various kinds of spirit in their tribe had always been capricious and vagrant.

Interviewer: Interesting. Do you have any job skills?

Mourad: I can ride a horse. I have a kind, generous and independent spirit.

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experts plz ...... atleast give me some starting lines. I don't think its so much difficult for you!

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