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the differences between grazing food chain and detritus food chain ?

Grazing food chain

Detritus food chain

1. It always starts from green plants to tertiary consumer level.

2. Green plant is the first organism to absorb solar energy.

3. They do not help in nutrient cycle.

4. Generally large organism maintains this type of food chain.


1. It always starts from detrivores.

2. Bacteria, fungi are the first one.

3. There is an involvement of nutrient cycle.

4. Generally, small organism maintains this type of food chain.


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The two chain begin different. The grazing chain begins with the energy entry from an inorganic source; the detritus chain receives energy from organic source (i.e. decaying leaves). But both the chains end up similarly i.e. carnivorous eating lower level animals. The two food chains i.e. grazing and detritus are ultimately linked to the same energy source i.e. solar radiation.


Grazing food chain example




Detritus food chain example



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