Plz solve these 3 questions:

107. In the given figure, PB = AB=4 cm, BC= 12 cm then AC is 

(A) 10 cm           (B) 8 cm                (C) 6 cm                (D) 14 cm

108. A rectangular field is 220 meter long and 80 meter in breadth and there is a circular park of radius 35 meter. If two person plans to meet in the field what is the probability that they will meet in the park ?

A   7 32                     B   1 80                       C   1 4                               D   None   of   these

109. A square region ABCD divided into 3 strips of same height by the lines EF & HG Let E is joined to B & F to D. If the marble is dropped in ABCD the probability that it will drop in the quadrilateral BFDE is. 

A   1 2                       B   1 3                         C   1 4                       D   2 3


Dear student,

Question 108)Probability that they meet in park=Area of circular parkArea of rectangle=πr2L×B=22×35×357×220×80=1×5×351×10×80=1×72×16=732Thus option A is correct.

Question 109)

Considering that the three stripes are of same area Let the side of square be AB=3 unitswhen it is divided into equal area thensides AF=FG=GB=1 unit.then Probability=Area of quadrilateral BFDEArea of square ABCD=Area of square ABCD-area of ADF-Area of BECAB×BC      ...(from fig)=AB×BC-12×AF×AD-12×CE×BCAB×BC=3×3-12×1×3-12×2×33×3=9-32-39=6-329=929=12Thus option A is correct.

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