PlZ solve this question

PlZ solve this question Many plant and animal species are on the verge of their extinction because of loss of forest land by indiscriminate use by the humans. As a biology student what method would you suggest along with its advantages that can protect such threatened species from getting extinct ?

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We can go for
1) ex-situ conservation.
In e​​​​​x situ conservation the threatened species of plants and animals are taken out of their habitats and are kept in special settings such as zoological parks, botanical gardens and wildlife parks.
Advantages of ex situ conservation are:
(i) Offsite collection can be used to restock depleted population, reintroduce species in the wild and restore degraded habitats.
(ii) useful in maintaining a large number of genotypes in small area, rapid multiplication of even endangered species, through tissue culture, etc.

2) Cryopreservation

The gametes of endangered species can be preserved by methods such as cryopreservation and can be fertilised in vitro followed by propagation through tissue culture methods. Similarly, seeds can be preserved in seed banks. This can also be very helpful to prevent the loss of biodiversity.



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