As you know, males have only one X chromosomes and in females, there are two X chromosomes so to achieve dosage compensation, one X chromosome in females gets inactivated. This inactivated chromosomes is known as barr body. It is present in somatic cells. Chromosomes itself are condensed form of chromatin. Barr body is an example of heterochromatin type of chromatin in which histone proteins are tightly packed,giving darkly stained appearence.

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A Barr body is the inactivated X chromosome that is usually found in the nuclei of female somatic cells.

It can also occur in males when there is an abnormality and the male is XXY instead of the normal XY, a condition known as Klinefelter's syndrome. In this case, the male somatic cells would also contain a Barr body.

The Barr body is the highly-condensed chromatin structure taken up by an inctivated X chromosome. The number of Barr bodies equal the number of inactive chromosomes
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