Potatoes are formed under ground .How do they contain starch when photosynthesis occurs in the  green leaves above the ground

Potato is an underground stem. The plants synthesise food (glucose) in the leaves by the process of photosynthesis. The glucose synthesised in the leaves is then transported to different parts like stem, roots etc, of the plant through xylem tissue. In case of potato, the food synthesised in the leaves is transported to the underground stem where it gets stored in the form of starch.

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Potatoes are underground stems.
There are three substances Starch, Glucose and Sucrose.
During the process of photosynthesis, leaves produce Glucose
Glucose moves in the whole plant with the help of the Stem so it is termed as Sucrose.
As the potato plant has underground stem and potato is a form of vegetable (fruit) the Sucrose store in it in the form of  Starch.
As the potato contains Starch, it is Rich in Carbohydrates. Sugarcane also contains Starch.

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