Praveen and Nina planted a row of runner beans in their respective gardens at the same time.most of praveens beans germinated successfully,but only some of Nina's did.give three possible reasons why this might have happened

Dear student.

The reasons are:

1. Overwatering the beans, as a result of which few got rotten.
2. The soil of Nina's garden may not be sufficiently damp.
3. Praveen may have used compost or manure, which Nina did not.
4. Nina may have planted the seeds too deep in the soil, so the seed did not get sunlight.


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this is because nina must have (1) planted the beans too close (2)the beans must have been damaged or they wont be proper (3) they did not get enough sunlight or air , or must have been planted too deep in the soil  (4) she must have not watered them properly.  
and there would be many more reasons.

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