pressure on the surface of a gas is increased.what will happen to the inter particle forces?

what happens when a liquid is heated?

what is density?

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1) Increase in the pressure on the surface of a gas decreases the volume of the gas with increasing its density. The particles start moving in straight lines and also collide with the wall of the container and this collision enhances the inter particle forces and increases the fluidization behaviour.


2) When a liquid is heated, the particles in a liquid begin to vibrate more violently and the inter molecular forces of attraction between the particles begins to break making the particles to move freely and at particular temperature starts converting its liquid phase to gas. This temperature is called its boiling point.


3) Density - The amount of mass within a specific volume. Objects with greater density increase in mass and weight. The SI unit of mass is kilogram per cubic metre (kg/m3).

 Density = mass/volume

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