Prose-"The Great Train Journey"

This is passage from the story and here is a question and its answer:-
Q.Whom did he met inside the carriage?Why did that person think that he was eligible to go to China?

Ans.          When Suraj was staring out of the open door, someone greeted him from behind and Suraj spun round guiltily, his mouth full of apple. A dirty, bearded face was looking out at him from behind a pile of crates. The mouth was open wide, paan-stained grin. He was a ragged hippy and usually reserved that compartment for himself.
                 When Suraj asked the hippy that where the train goes, the hippy asked that where he wanted to go. Suraj answered him that he wanted to go all around the world. The hippy answered that he was on the right train and asked him a few questions and satisfied after getting the answers of all questions, yes, he thought that Suraj was eligible to go to China.
Please check the answer written and explain why it is incomplete.

Dear student,

The first part of the answer is fine. But, whether the person was eligible to go to China is not clear form your answer.

The person would be able to go to China, if he could cook, scrub a deck and sail a ship.


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