Q.1 In the following questions a statement of assertion followed by a statement of reason is given. Choose the correct answer out of the following choices.
  1. Both assertion and reason are correct and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.
  2. Both assertion and reason are correct but the reason is not the correct explanation of assertion
  3. Assertion is correct but reason is wrong
  4. Assertion is wrong and reason are correct
  1. Assertion: The middle piece of the sperm is called its power house.
                      Reason: Numerous mitochondria in the middle piece produce energy for the movement of tail.
  1. Assertion: A decrease in temperature has no effect on spermatogenesis.
                     Reason: Spermatogonia cannot survive the high body temperature.
  1. Assertion: The region inside the seminiferous tubules contain Leydig cell.
                     Reason: Leydig cells synthesise and secrete androgen.

Dear Student, 1) option 1 is correct as middle peice of sperm contains the diagonally arranged mitochondria which provide energy to sperm for the movement in the female genital tract by the tail. 2). Option 4 is correct option because for spermatogenesis optimal temperature is 1-2° celcius less than the normal body temperature . So at very low temperature there may be disruption in the process. Spermatoginia cannot survive at high temperatures so it requires less temperature that the normal body temperature which is provided by the scotrum.3). Option 4 is correct as leydig cells are present outside the seminiferous tubule which is a interstitial position and produce androgen hormone . Regards

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