Q.15. Two cars move uniformly towards each other, the distance between them decreases by 50 m/s. If they move in same direction with different speeds, the distance between them increases by 10 m/s. The speed of two cars will be
(1) 30 m/s and 20 m/s
(2) 40 m/s and 10 m/s
(3) 15 m/s and 35 m/s
(4) 25 m/s and 25 m/s

Dear student,
When two objects move in opposite direction their velocities are added and when they move in same direction, their velocities are subtracted.

so, V1+V2=50and V1-V2=10On adding both the equations, we getso 2V1=60V1=30m/sV2=20m/s
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