Q 27. Under the tree plantation programme students of class IX of a school planted (3x​2-4x-4) plants. If each student planted (x-2) plants. How many students were there in all. Hence find the number of students if each student planted 8 plants. What values of the students are reflected here.

Q 28. Plot the points P(0,4) and Q(0,-4) on the graph paper. Now plot the points R and S so that triangle PQR and  triangle PQS are isosceles triangles. How many isosceles triangles can be formed.

Q 29. The side QR of a ​triangle PQR is produced to a point S. If the bisector of angle PQR and ​angle PRS meet at T, then prove that ​angle QTR = (1/2)​ of angle QPR.

Q 30. AB is a line segment. P and Q are points on opposite sides of AB such that each of them is equidistant from the points A and B. Show that the line PQ is the perpendicular bisector of AB.


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