Q.29. At 27 ° C a cylinder of 20 L capacity contains three gases 0.502 g He, 0.250 g O 2 and 1.00 g N 2 respectively If all these gases behave ideally, the total pressure is
(a) .044 atm
(b) .065 atm
(c) 1.50 atm
(d) 0.208 atm

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We know that, PV=nRTFirst let us calculate total moles of gasn=0.5024+0.25032+128  =0.1255+0.0078+0.0357  =0.17V=20 LT=27°C=273+27=300 KR=0.0821 Latmmol-1K-1So, P=nRTVor, P=0.17×0.0821×30020        =0.209 atmHence, correct answer is (d)

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