Q.5. Find the area enclosed by 2 x + 3 y 6 .

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Given, 2x+3y6So we take the lines,2x+3y=6and the area enclosed by these lines is the required areafor 1st quadrant,x>0,y>02x+3y=6which is plotted in the graph2nd quadrantx<0.y>0-2x+3y=6which is plotted in the graphx<0,y<0-2x-3y=6which is plotted in the graphx>0,y<02x-3y=6which is plotted in the graphhence from the figure we see that it forms a rhombusof side length=3-02+0-22=13units length of diagonals is 4and 6 units area=pq2=4×62=12 sq. units

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