Q. (a) A glass tumbler containing hot water is kept in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator(temp <0 ° C). Explain the change of temperature of the water in the tumbler with time.
(b) Convert 246 K to ° C
Q. Study the following graph and answer the questions that follow.
  1. During which time interval is the body slowing down?
  2. What is the value of acceleration during the time interval 1 sec to 3 sec?
  3. Is the acceleration different during the first 1 sec of its motion? Justify.
  4. Find the displacement suffered by the body during its entire motion.
  5. Find the distance travelled by the body during its entire motion.

Dear student,
Post different queries in different threads so that we can help you more efficiently as due to the paucity of time we cannot solve each query.
the answer to part a and b is below for the first question,

a) as the time changes the temperature of the glass tumbler will start decreasing as the heat inside it will be transferred to the surrounding and thus the temperature will fall continuously.

b) to convert Kelvin to Celsius, we subtract 273 from given value of Kelvin,
so 246K =246-273= -27C



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