Q: a force of 10N act on an area of 0.1m2. the force is kept the same but the area is reduced to half.which of this is true?

a) the pressurer does not change

b) the pressure reduces to half

c) the pressure increases by 1.5 times

d) the pressure doubles

We know that,

Pressure = Force / Area

Case 1:

Force (F1) = 10 N

Area (A1) = 0.1 m²

Pressure(P1) = F1/A1 = (Calculate yourself)

Case 2 : 

Force (F2) = 10 N

Area (A2) = 0.1 m²/2 = 0.05 m²

Pressure(P2) = F2/A2 = (Calculate yourself)


I am sure you will now be able to calculate the change in pressure yourself. Do get back to us if you have a doubt in any of the steps. All the best!

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