Q-Answer the following questions:-
[a]The cost of painting a rectangular metal sheet is square of its area.If the length and breadth of the rectangle are 2xy and 3x2y,find the cost.Given that area of a rectangle is the product of its length and breadth.
[b]Aarushispends rs x daily and saves rs y per week.how much money she saves in xy2 weeks?

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aGiven: Length = 2xy, breadth = 3x2yArea of rectangular sheet = length × breadthArea = 2xy × 3x2yArea = 6x3y2Cost of painting = Area2Cost of painting = 6x3y22Cost of painting =36x6y4b Solving the question by taking time as 2 weeksAarushi spends x rs daily, so in 1 wwek she spends Rs x×7 = Rs 7xIncome of Aarushi for 1 week = Rs 7x +Rs y = Rs 7x+yIncome of Aarushi for 2 weeks = Rs 2×7x+yIncome of Aarushi for 2 weeks = Rs 14x+2y

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