Q. Explain the Molar Conductivity with weak and strong electrolytes ?

For weak electrolytes: For weak electrolytes, the molar conductivity increases with increase in dilution as it results in increase in dissociation of electrolyte. Hence concentration of electrolyte decreases and concentration of ions increase with increase in dilution of weak electrolytes.

For strong electrolytes: As we know that by definition, strong electrolytes are completely ionized in solution. So with dilution, the extent of ionization cannot be increased further. But in strong electrolytes, there is presence of inter-ionic forces of attraction, i.e. forces of attraction between ions which are oppositely charged. This inter-ionic force hinders the conducting ability of strong electrolytes, and with increase in dilution they also decrease and so the molar conductivity increases with dilution. When the solution is very diluted, the inter-ionic forces become negligible and molar conductance also increase and approaches its limiting value.

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