Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the bracket.

Having__(i) _ (establish) itself as a trendsetter in ___(ii)____(provide) quality education up to school level, GD Goenka group is now___(iv)____(enter) the field of higher education. The objective __(v)___(be) to establish an institution that will ____(vi)___ (provide) an environment that ___(vii)___(be) conductive to ___(viii)___ (develop) intelligent and confident for New India.

@Priya, your friend Chayanika has given the correct options. Hope your doubt is fulfilled.

@Chayanika, very nice effort. Thumbs up from Meritnation expert on the same.


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  1. established
  2. providing
  3. entering
  4. is
  5. provide
  6. will be
  7. develop
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