Q. How will counting upto 12 and keeping still help us?
Q. Why didn't we speak in any language and move our arms so much?
Q. What will counting upto 12 help men to achieve?
Q. ​What does poet say about different kinds of wave? What alternate does he suggest?
​Q. Why does Pablo Neruda urge us to keep still?

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to two of your question. Kindly post each of the others in separate threads.
  • 1. According to the poet, counting up to 12 and keeping still will help us to understand ourselves better as well as those around us. The quietness will enable us to listen to the inner peace and calmness. 
  • 5. Keeping still refers to the calmness and harmony with nature. According to the poet, keeping still is different from keeping quiet, and is a result of the inner peace. The poet urges us to keep quiet so that we can listen to the sound of humanity, in contrast to the loudness that prevails in the world. 
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team. 
Thank you. 

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