Q. In the given figure, O is the centre of the circle. Find B A O   ,   A O B ,   B O D , if A O C = 130 °   a n d   O C D = 30 °

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Since OA=OB=radiusOAB=OBA   Angles opposite to equal sides are equal    ..(1)Also, OC=OD=radiusOCD=ODC=30°    Angles opposite to equal sides are equal   ...(2)Now,AOB+AOC=180°    [Linear pair]AOB+130°=180°AOB=50°By angle sum property of  in AOBAOB+OAB+OBA=180°50°+2OAB=180°    [using 1]OAB=OBA=65°

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Ang BAO = 65 Deg
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ang bao=65 deg
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Experts please answer and help!!!
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