Q. The floor of a hall is completely covered with 25 carpets , each measuring 40 m x 2.5 m. What is the of the floor ? 
Q. We have to make a wall of size 16 m by 12 m. How many bricks of size 20 cm by 8 cm required to construct this wall ? 
Q. Two rectangles of length 'l' and breadth 'b' are placed side by side along the length without any gap. Find the area of the new rectangle thus formed ? 
Q. The cost of cultivating a rectangular field at the rate of Rs 5 square meter is Rs. 2880. If the length of the field is 32 m. find the cost of fencing the field the at the rate of Rs. 11.25 per meter.
Q. A wire is in the shape of a square of side 10 cm. If the wire is rebent into a rectangle of length 12 cm. find its breadth. Which encloses more area , the square or the rectangle and by how much? 

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Q 13. Let the breadth of rectangular field = b mThen, Area of rectangular field × rate of cultivating = Rs 2880Area of rectangular field = 28805 = 576 m2Area = l×b576=32 × bb=57632= 18 mPerimeter of rectangular field = 2×l+b=2×32+18= 100 mCost of fencing the field = 100×11.25 = Rs. 1125Q 14. Perimeter of Square = 4×side= 4×10 = 40 cmArea of square = side × side = 100 cm2When the wire is rebent into a rectangle the perimeter remains same40 = 2×l+b40=2×12+b40=24+2bb=8 cmArea of rectangle = length × breadth = 12×8 = 96 cm2Hence, the square encloses more area by 100-96cm2 = 4 cm2.


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